Why do I need a civil engineer?

Why do I need a civil engineer?

When it comes to engineering, it is important not to overlook the roles of a civil engineer in the construction project. This is a quick summary of what a civil engineer can do for you:

  • To liaise with clients, representatives from Council, and other stakeholders involved in the projects, to ensure that the requirements are met in the process of obtaining resource or building consent for the site.
  • To oversee the planning and designs of structures including the roads, connections of drainage systems to the mains, etc. and to work out whether or not the proposed structures are feasible with reference to the drawings and calculations made on a site specific basis
  • To provide cost estimates for the clients to ensure the highest levels of efficiency where possible and to offer sound engineering solutions and advice to the clients with regards to risk mitigation (i.e. stormwater, wastewater, and groundwater).
  • To assess the impacts of the proposed developments on the environments and the neighbors.
  • To supervise the construction process to ensure that the structures are constructed correctly according to the plans.

Civil engineering is a specialized field which requires knowledge of the most current engineering and surveying methods and a high level of skills in completing the drawings, calculations and report writing process, which you will not have to worry about as our team of engineering consultants are well versed in this field, with years of operational experience behind them to ensure the projects are completed to a satisfactory standard.

We have a sound knowledge of the Resource Management Act, the NZ Building Code, and the other regulations and by laws which only experts will have to know, so that you can confidently focus on other areas of the construction projects, or have it all settled for you without having to be bothered by technical aspects of things, which can become challenging for clients without the required knowledge in the industry. Here at Shire Engineering Consultants we’re experienced in the undertakings of civil works, in addition to the geotechnical assessments that we do for the sites, which greatly enhance your cost effectiveness to avoid having to shop around when it is available from the same consultancy firm.

We aim to maintain a high level of efficiency and we work closely with the architects, builders and other professionals to ensure that the projects are completed to the highest standards possible from our end.

Should you have any queries, or if you have projects which might require our civil engineering works, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the enquiry form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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