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Our expert civil engineering consultants provide civil geotechnical engineering services and which are competitively priced based on the industry standards and environment.

Diverse range of services

We are a team of consultants with expertise in geotechnical and civil engineering so we can cover various areas of the projects such as site investigations and reporting and construction monitoring to enhance the efficiency of our work.


With over 20 years of experience in engineering our team of consultants are skilled in the undertaking of geotechnical and civil work and we have completed projects across Auckland, Hamilton and the surrounding areas.


Our engineering consultants are dedicated to our work and we aim to provide high quality services and sound engineering advice to our clients.


Shire Engineering Consultants

Shire Engineering Consultants is a team of dedicated geotechnical and civil engineers and we have completed a lot of work including geotechnical testing, stormwater, wastewater and groundwater assessments, stability assessments, site inspections, retaining wall designs, flood and overland flow path assessment reports, and roading, pavement, carpark and accessway designs. Our projects are completed to an exceptional standard and we are proud of the success which we attribute to the collaborative efforts of our experienced engineers and we aim to expand our areas of work to the rest of New Zealand over the next few years.

We work closely with the land developers, property owners, project managers and architects to obtain resource consents and we resolve complex matters in relation to the construction engineering aspects of the projects on a daily basis.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure successful completion of the civil and geotechnical engineering projects through the provision of site testing, water management, construction monitoring, and other services in accordance with the industry standards.

Our vision

Shire Engineering Consultants has been working on the projects locally and in the surrounding areas and we plan to expand our areas of service to the rest of New Zealand.

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The Shire Engineering Consultants Team

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