Tautari Street, Orakei, Residential

Tautari Street, Orakei, Residential

Project: Tautari Street, Orakei, Residential
Date: Ongoing
Client: Private
Location: Auckland, East

Geotechnical, E7, AEE

Shire Geotechnics Ltd was tasked with conducting a comprehensive geotechnical assessment for a residential development in Orakei, Auckland. The site presented a unique challenge, with steep terrain adorned, terraced retaining walls and close adjacent housing.

The project involved the redevelopment of the site into two substantial multi-story residential structures. However, this endeavor called for extensive site excavation to accommodate the development’s scale and vision.

Our role encompassed a wide array of responsibilities. We commenced with preliminary scoping and ground testing to gain a deeper understanding of the site’s geotechnical conditions. This led to more in-depth Cone Penetration Testing with pore pressure measurement (CPTu) to further assess subsurface conditions. Additionally, we installed piezometers to monitor groundwater levels, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of this critical factor. The culmination of our efforts involved the creation of detailed geotechnical reports that would guide the project’s next steps.

In addition to these core tasks, our work extended to other critical aspects of the project. We conducted an evaluation under Section E7, which pertains to the taking, using, damming, and diversion of water. This comprehensive approach ensured all regulatory requirements were met.
Furthermore, our role included an assessment of the potential impact on neighboring properties arising from the extensive site excavation. To safeguard the structural integrity of the development, we embarked on preliminary retention design for the boundary walls.

Ultimately, our geotechnical services were pivotal in facilitating the acquisition of building consent. With the necessary approvals secured, our involvement extended into the realm of construction observations, ensuring that the project’s execution adhered to the highest standards and remained in line with our initial geotechnical assessments.

In summary, Shire Geotechnics Ltd’s multifaceted engagement in this residential development project, from initial assessment to construction oversight, underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and reliable geotechnical solutions for complex undertakings. Our work not only laid the groundwork for an ambitious project but also ensured that it unfolded seamlessly, meeting regulatory standards and promising a lasting legacy in Orakei, Auckland.