Landslips General

Landslips General

Date: Ongoing
Client: Private, residential and commercial
Location: Auckland Region

Geotechnical, Slope Stability, Landslip Remedial Design

Shire Geotechnics Ltd were involved in several landslip jobs across the Auckland region following the rainfall event of January 27, 2023. These landslips posed unique challenges, and our team was called upon to conduct in-depth geotechnical assessments, often involving more extensive machine borehole testing and drone lidar survey work.

After completing the fieldwork, we delved into the intricacies of the terrain to establish comprehensive ground models. With this crucial data in hand, we undertook slope stability assessments to uncover the likely mechanisms behind the landslips, to allow us to provide detailed guidance on best landslip remedial measures.

For a number of jobs the work extended beyond assessment alone. We took a proactive approach, formulating a range of recommendations for landslip remediation. These recommendations spanned various strategies, including the design of remedial works involving gabion baskets, timber pole retaining walls, and barrier pile walls.

Shire Geotechnics Ltd approached the task with urgency, with our specialized geotechnical expertise for the purpose of mitigating the risks associated with landslips in the Auckland region.

Our endeavor encompassed a geotechnical site walkovers for scoping, geotechnical investigation and the development and design of solutions, all aimed at fortifying the landscape’s longevity and resistance to landslip hazards.